Creamy Custard: Delightfully Simple and Easy

What You Need to Make a Rich Custard Pudding:

100 milliliters of cold water

400 milliliters of water that has just been boiled

2-packages of cherry-flavored gelatin (or whatever flavor you choose)

For the milk powder, you’ll need one cup, or 300 milliliters, of Nestlé (or whatever brand you choose).

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1. In a mixer, combine the cherry gelatin with the boiling water until completely dissolved. Be careful to handle the high temperature carefully.

Blend well after adding cold water and milk powder in small increments until the liquid is smooth and uniform.

3. Spoon the mixture into a pudding mold that has been buttered and place in the fridge to set, about three hours.

After the pudding has set, carefully remove it from the mold. For an added touch of taste and decoration, you may sprinkle a little more powdered milk on top if you want.

Quickly whip up a dessert that is sure to wow with its exquisite simplicity and mouth-watering flavor combinations.

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